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1) The big question today- 'Where to hang a picture?'#bigquestion

Welcome to my first 'scenes by sophie' blog post!

Have you ever wondered ‘where to hang your art?’

Have you brought a beautiful piece of art, or finally your art has been delivered, oh the excitement of opening it in your own home and admire it..Then the question arises....

‘Where am I going to hang this?’

‘Where should be the best place to hang this?

Where will make the most impact?

How high should I hang this piece of art?

If it's on your mind hopefully this will help.

Todays THE BIG QUESTION.......

‘How to hang a piece of art properly?’

I have reached out and collaborated with a number of well-known artists from around the UK and award-winning Interior designers. I wanted their views on what do they do?

Here are their views and answers.

Marie Soul


a spirit level is a good idea, maybe get a friend to hold the picture to see if you like the level and position. Eye level is best but pictures work well in group of similar colour or theme. I normally go for a black frame as it helps compliment most colours. I would like to explore coloured frames a little more. I do think that you should go with your gut instinct with art and the placement of frames. I would never but art or a frame that simply matched a room, I buy art I love.

Rhona Faye


'How to hang a picture' - its best for them to be hung at eye level - normally around 1500 / 1600mm from the floor depending where it’s going but that’s a general rule of thumb! 'Best place to hang picture to create the most impact' - central to furniture but not too far up - usually a hands width from the below furniture! And never to close to corners ! ' Is there a best colour frame to use?' - Neutral is a safe option again depending on the piece of art work … a safe option is with an off white neutral colour or black but with a picture light above to help enhance the aesthetic! Hope this helps ☺️

Clive Dawson


interesting that you ask me about framing, I like a tray frame if I'm framing and would normally go for a plain white. I like to use the plastic picture hangers for hard well concrete walls ,where you just hammer the pins in the walls.

I believe it's good to change your paintings around every so often I feel you then see them afresh again particularly when the light falls on them differently. Moving them also allows different paintings to o share the limelight of the most impactful positions, IE by the door, over the fireplace, by the dining table, and of course nowadays in view of the working from home zoom/ teams camera! Cheers Clive

Angie Rains

@angie.rains_designs Best place to hang….impact? I go into so many homes where artwork is hung way too high; for greater impact, hang artwork centred at eye level where it can be easily viewed and enjoyed. If the artwork is above a sofa keep it nice and low. Ideally, place it at 200mm above the piece of furniture. Use either one large piece of artwork or maybe three smaller pieces hung side by side to balance out the size of the sofa. This reads well visually. Best colour frame? Think about how the frame colour works with the rest of the decor in the room. If you have dark walls, for example, black frames will sit nicely against them. Choose a metallic frame if you want them to contrast and stand out. Gallery walls work best if all frames are the same colour, creating a bigger impression. Hope this helps A xx

Michelle Will


basically eye line. But my walls are full of paintings of all different sizes and frames that I collected over the years.

Some lovely and very interesting and valuable information there!

So, Eye Level to hang a picture is the most important. So, you and others get more appreciation popular viewing and change the pictures around different times of the year.

I actually tried this experiment, and went around and hung two very big pieces of art in different locations, brought them down a lot lower. WOW the difference, its changes the impact and the presence it has. I don’t just walk past them; I really look and value them every time!

A huge Thank you to:

Marie Soul

Rhona Faye

Clive Dawson

Angie Rains

Michelle Will

Sophie x

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Jun 28, 2022

always end up moving art after putting it up as we change our minds!!!

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