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my story

Sophie currently lives in the middle of a small village in rural North Essex countryside.  She is inspired by all the surrounding landscapes and wildlife that constantly change throughout the seasons.

Her love of the countryside began when she was a small child. She always remember the farmer's fields opposite her parent's house and the big open green fields behind where she used to live. The changes, smells and colours throughout the different seasons. Seeing and being in the openness of the countryside and that feeling of being free. This is where her inspiration of the countryside truly began.

At 19 she left Essex and headed to a small village in South Wales, where she completed her degree in Photographic Art. After a few years of traveling and living along the M4 corridor Teaching Art & Photography to various schools, she decided to return to the Essex countryside and explore her personal artworks once more. 

Using Water Colours, Oils and Pen & Wash, she captures and creates artworks that are colourful and atmospheric. they depict the natural elements of Landscape which surround her.

scenes by sophie artist_edited.jpg
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